Saiun Ore no Iye


There’s nothing more relaxing than a visit to the old family home, in the village of your birth. Ore no iye recreates that familiar feeling—even the name means “My house”—accompanied by delicious cuisine and a natural hot-spring spa. A place where you can forget your cares, kick back and take some quiet time. Because everybody deserves the kind of relaxing holiday you’ll find at Ore no iye.

お料理 Cuisine

Fresh-caught Seafood in Season


The fare at Ore no iye consists of lashings of fresh fish, shellfish, spiny lobster and other delicious catch from the seas around Izu. The proprietor and chef delights in showcasing his mastery of the local cuisine. Natural ingredients in season are served up fresh, hot items hot and cold items cold, for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Sample Dishes

Assortment of spiny lobster, abalone, horned turban and fish in season
“Navy-and-pirates” assortment plate


The pride of Ore no iye, the “navy-and-pirates” assortment plate offers generous portions of spiny lobster, abalone and other seafood treats. Be sure to try it!

Ore no iye’s famous
Kinmedai sugatani


This dish keeps diners coming back. Kinmedai is the splendid alfonsino (Beryx splendens), a deep-sea fish native to the waters of Izu. Sugata-ni means “resembling its original shape,” and the dish is arranged to look as if it were still whole. The fish begins boiling in soy sauce as soon as the guests sit down.

Available in winter only
Boar-meat stew


The proprietor is a huntsman, too. When the hunting is good, treat yourself to wild boar.

お部屋・施設 Rooms and Facilities


Nothing is more soothing than the authentic
comfort of a 100% Japanese-style room

お籠りからご家族、グループまでお泊まりいただける大小様々な純和室。室内は歴史情緒を感じさせながらも皆さまに快適にお過ごしいただけるよう、 清掃はもちろん設備も常に手入れを行き届かせております。

Whether you’re visiting as a couple or family or in a group, Ore no iye has a Japanese-style room that is just the right size for you. To ensure that each guest feels the legacy of history in each room while enjoying a comfortable stay, each suite is kept not only spotlessly clean but well appointed and maintained at all times.

A Fun Time for Everyone


Ore no iye offers banquet rooms for the use of groups. Gaze at the clouds at night and enjoy delicious cuisine together.

  • 収容可能人数
    20 guests
  • 設備
    Accommodations and facilities
    和室 3室/洗面所・トイレ付和室3室/宴会場/天然温泉岩風呂(母屋)/貸切天然温泉岩風呂(離れ)
    Japanese-style rooms without toilets: 3/ Japanese-style room with washroom and toilet: 3/ Banquet room/ Geothermal hot-spring rock bath (indoors)/ Geothermal hot-spring rock bath, available for private bookings (separate from inn)
  • チェックイン
  • チェックアウト
  • 駐車場
    Parking lot
    Available (free access year-round, advance notification required)
  • アメニティー
    Yukata (bathing robes)/ Bath towels/ Face towels/ Toothbrushes/ Hair dryers/ Shampoo/ Hair rinse/ Liquid soap/ Diving reservation service/ Fishing-boat reservation service
  • その他
    Kumomi Swimming Beach is located a 1-minute walk from the inn.


Forget about time and soak in a natural hot-spring bath.


Ore no iye features two natural hot-spring baths in the rock-bath style, one indoors and one set apart from the inn. The bath is open round the clock and is available for private bookings, so you can relax as a group or as a family.

Motorcyclists can stay at Ore no iye with confidence.


Ore no iye includes a garage especially for motorcycles. We’ll protect your wheels from the rain, sea breeze and other unforeseen conditions.

おロケーション Where we Are


The serene air of Nishi Izu. The changing faces of sea and mountain amid the passing seasons. Geothermal hot springs gushing from the earth. Gorgeous views of Mt. Fuji from the beach. Ore no iye is idyllically situated next to the natural beauty of Kumomi Spa.

Kumomi beach


Just a 1-minute stroll from the inn! The view from the beach, with the Gyuchakuiwa cliffs jutting from the sea and Mt. Fuji in the background, is a rare gem. Take in the vastness of the ocean beyond on this 200m stretch of beach. In recent years Kumomi beach has become a popular scuba-diving spot, and young marine-sports enthusiasts gather here every year.

Kumomi Sengen Jinja Shrine

海抜 163m、烏帽子山の頂に磐長姫尊を祀る雲見浅間神社。本殿のある頂上へは約450段の階段を登り、そこから山道を歩くこと約10分。雲見の美しい海岸を望むことはもちろん、天気が良い日には、富士山や南アルプスも一望できる絶好のポイントです。

Perched 163m above sea level on the summit of Mt. Eboshi is Kumomi Sengen Jinja, a Shinto shrine dedicated to Iwanagahime-no-Mikoto, a goddess of immortality . The peak where the main shrine is located is reached via a 450-step stairway, followed by a 10-minute walk along a mountain path. The view of the Kumomi coast from the shrine is spectacular. On clear days you’ll be favored with a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji and the southern Japanese Alps.

Mt. Takatori


Midway along the Hagachizaki footpath is Mt. Takatori, with an elevation of 519m. The hike up the mountain takes about 30 minutes from base to summit. From the peak, take in striking views of the Nishi Izu coastline and Mt. Fuji to the north, the Omaezaki area to the west, and the ever-changing scenery of Izu-Seinan coast to the south. From mid-April to mid-May, Kaempfer azalea (yamatsutsuji in Japanese) bloom a deep pink on the facing mountain roads. This spectacular scenery provides an ideal setting for hiking.

Kumomi “Pirate Cuisine” Festival


Every year since 1973, the Kumomi Kaizoku no Ryori (“pirate cuisine”) Festival has been held here on the second Monday in October. Holidaymakers gather from all over Japan at this time to savor fresh seafood amid the rustic beauty of the Kumomi coast. Freshly caught seafood grilled whole, are handed out to the assembled visitors free of charge.

Scuba Diving

伊豆屈指のダイビングスポットとして人気が高い雲見海岸。牛着岩のおもしろい海底地形や周辺洞窟、島間のダイナミックなクレパスなど、ダイバーにとって天国のような場所です。ダイビングセンターまで徒歩 1分。体験ダイビングやファンダイビングのご相談も当館で承ります。

The Kumomi coast is one of the Izu peninsula’s most prized scuba-diving spots. The fascinating sea-floor formations of the Gyuchakuiwa cliffs, nearby caves and awe-inspiring underwater canyons make this area a paradise for divers. The Diving Center is a 1-minute walk from the inn. Ore no iye can handle inquiries about one-day introductory dive tours, fun diving and more.



Kumomi is a great spot for firefly watching from about late May to mid-June. The perfect after-dinner attraction for friends and family.

アクセス Getting Here


Ore no iye is located a 12 minute drive down the coast along National Route 136 from the Town of Matsuzaki. Traffic can get quite congested along this route in the summertime, so give yourself plenty of time.

By public transit


60 minutes by bus from Izukyu-Shimoda Station

By motorcycle, car


Exit the Shin-Tomei Expressway at Nagaizumi-Numazu Interchange and follow Izu-Jukan Expressway and Izu-chuodo to Nagaoka-Kita Interchange. From there take National Route 136, passing Shuzenji, Funabara-Toge, Doi and Matsuzaki to arrive at Kumomi.
*Parking lot available